As the time passes by, our teeth are subject to some negative changes. Some of them are missing due to many reasons, i.e. tooth decay, injuries, breakages or periodontal diseases. Loss of teeth significantly reduces comfort of our daily life, as well as our self-esteem. The loss of even a single tooth influences on the whole occlusion, that is why, every missing tooth should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, other problems, such as loss of crestal bone or overstraining other teeth, can occur.

Teeth form a complex set, and even one missing tooth contributes to the change of the position of others in different directions, often above occlusion line. It happens, because every tooth needs its antagonist, i.e. an opposite tooth. There a few methods of restoration of cavities. One of them is to put the implant (a replacement of a tooth root) into the bone.

Dental implants are surgical components made from titanium that replace roots of teeth and are put into the bone so as to be the pillars of dental crowns, bridges or a denture. Dental implants can be a good solution for patients who lost their teeth because of periodontal disease, mechanical damage or because of any other reason. There is no necessity to replace every missing tooth with a titanium substitute. The stabilization of a denture may be obtained even by means of two implants.

Dental implants are made from titanium, a highly biocompatible and safe material. It is harmless for the human body. Due to that fact, our organism does not treat the implant as a foreign object, and the overall success rate of applying dental implants is high. Moreover, it is not damaged by the chewing force that is pressed on natural teeth. All procedures connected with dental implants are performed in our clinic in Poznan-Piatkowo.