The main aim of the orthodontic treatment is obtaining a standard occlusal condition, preserving a proper condition of the teeth, periodontium and temporomandibular joint, as well as obtaining an aesthetic effect, beautiful smile and proper facial features. It is easier to brush the teeth after the correction of occlusal defects, which makes tooth decay and tartar deposition less likely to occur. It is especially important nowadays, when the appearance is an important aspect, both in a professional and a private life. Orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age and it usually lasts 2 years. All orthodontic procedures we perform in our DuoDenti clinic in Poznan-Piatkowo.

The sings that can indicate the necessity of the orthodontic treatment are as follows:
– occlusal defects,
– abnormal position of teeth,
– a visible abnormal eruption path of one or more teeth,
– headaches in the area of facial skeleton that occur often
– abrasion of tooth crowns, explosion of cervical areas,
– a big number of soft or hard deposits as a result of a tight position ofteeth.

Before putting braces on, a patient makes an appointment with a skilful orthodontist that performs overall anamnesis, orthodontic anamnesis, takes dental impressions, as well as makes necessary x-ray scans. An analysis of x-ray images and models is performed then, in order to make a treatment plan.


Orthodontics uses a range of appropriate dental braces. They consist of bands that are attached by an orthodontist to the enamel of the first five teeth by a special adhesive that is light cured. In order to attach braces to the sixth and seventh teeth, special dental cements are used. Then, an arch wire is attached to the bands to exert the constant force on the teeth. Under its influence, teeth change their position depending on a treatment plan.

Types of braces:


  • ligature braces (having ligatures on bands)
  • self-ligating (without ligatures).

cosmetic braces are characterized by the greatest elegance and aesthetic aspects of all types of braces. Sapphire bands are transparent, what makes them fit perfectly with the colour of the teeth.

Types of sapphire braces:
  • sapphire braces with ligatures,
  • self-ligating sapphire braces (without ligatures).

Retainers are applied while preventing early occlusal defects, as well as when the jaw or mandible is underdeveloped. They are aimed at making some space for the permanent teeth by widening too narrow jaws and at improving the work of muscles of mastication by restoring the proper position of the jaw and mandible.

The most commonly used type of retainers is the acrylic one. While using such a retainer, it is possible to remove it while eating, brushing the teeth or cleaning the retainer. This kind of treatment needs to be applied at young age, during the mixed dentition stage, i.e. usually between the age of 7 and 10. It is much easier to correct many defects then, even by using less invasive methods. One of the advantages of such a treatment, making it especially attractive for children, is that a patient can choose a colour of the retainer. It is only a question of price. The treatment lasts a bit longer than the one with braces. The attitude of the patient influences the treatment duration. Retainers consists of a few elements, i.e. acrylic plate, clamps, screws, springs and barriers to tongue.

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