What is cosmetic dentistry?

– the term concerns all medical and cosmetic procedures that are aimed at obtaining the effect of a perfect, healthy and white smile;

– it is a field that combines aspects connected with prosthodontics, dental surgery, orthodontics, as well as conservative dentistry;

– basically, it is our PASSION. We restore the beautiful and natural look of teeth, taking care of the smallest details. We pay special attention to make teeth look natural. Our goal is to achieve a perfectly aesthetic smile, an ideal shape and location of every tooth.

DuoDenti is a guarantee of professionalism and the best possible prices.

The range of procedures of cosmetic dentistry includes:
COMPOSITE FILLINGS (white filling) – a cosmetic invisible filling (even under the influence of UV, as well as for TV cameras).

It is one of the most aesthetic ways to fill the carious lesions in our teeth. We use the latest materials such as hybrid or nano-ceramic composites, dental compomers and glass ionomers.

Not only does the quality of material determine the endurance of fillings, but the crucial role is also played by the way of application of composite materials. The appropriate technique of application, layer by layer, restoring the anatomical structure of the tooth (turbecle, fissures), as well as using a dental dam that prevents saliva interfering with the dental work, guarantee that the procedure is successful.

A proper choice of a colour, artistic skills of a dentist (working with a ceramic brush) and proper finishing the occlusal space makes our fillings invisible and very convenient. Tooth whitening is another popular dental procedure connected with cosmetic dentistry. There are two basic methods of this procedure – at home whitening and in office whitening (with lamps). It is possible to whiten not only the front surfaces of teeth but also interproximal spaces. Such a comprehensive approach guarantees a long-lasting, beautiful effect. The procedure may be performed on individuals at the age of 16 or more and it is preceded by a comprehensive examination that is to determine if the procedure is applicable in a particular case. It is aimed at determining if whitening is not hazardous to the teeth and mineralised tissues. Choose DuoDenti and whiten your teeth in a competitive price.

Dental restoration
  • composite restoration during one appointment, without tooth polishing, using a minimally invasive technique that prevents from losing one’s own tooth tissues;
  • correction of the tooth shape – restoring an ideal proportion of length and width of the tooth;
  • straightening small disproportion in teeth position;
  • restoring incisal edges that are worn off.
Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are included in the offer of DuoDenti, and this procedure is also a part of cosmetic dentistry. It is one of the latest methods of improving a shape and colour of teeth. A porcelain veneer is a layer of dental porcelain that is put on the front surface of a tooth. The procedure requires a minimal preparation of teeth that is performed in local anaesthesia. It is a great advantage of this method of treatment – dental hard tissues are not damaged. Veneers are exceptionally durable, and they reflect the beauty of natural smile. In addition, we offer attractive prices of such procedures.