Root canal treatment (endodontics),is applied in order to heal a tooth without the necessity of its extraction. It is one of the most common dental procedures. DuoDenti guarantees the highest possible quality of performed procedures.

What is root canal treatment?

It is a method of treating irreversible inflammation of pulp that is caused by different factors (mostly tooth decay). As a result of a bacterial infection of pulp, the necrosis of the whole tooth can occur. Some initial sings are sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold conditions, throbbing pain, and, if the infection is more extensive, the pain may be more severe, as well as some swelling and pus can occur. In order to avoid such a serious condition, the root canal treatment is needed.

What is the procedure of the root canal treatment?

The treatment concerns removing inflamed pulp from the tooth chamber, as well as from canals. Then, the cavities are filled with an appropriate dental material, mostly gutter-percha. The pulp is being removed under anaesthesia, and the canals are disinfected and filled with gutter-percha. Such a treatment is performed in our clinic in Poznan.

How does the treatment look like?

The basic aspect of the effective root canal treatment is connected with keeping highly sterile conditions while preparing canals (that is why, a dental dam is applied while performing the procedure). Root canals are irrigated with disinfectants, and they are prepared using manual, as well automatic equipment (endodontic microengine), being carefully measured and filled with sealer and gutter-percha, in turn.

What makes the root canal treatment effective?

What guarantees the success of such a type of treatment? In order to make the treatment thorough and effective, our specialists use an endodontic microscope, as well as the lastest diagnostic devices, such as a digital radiovisiongraph. Our clinic in Poznan is equipped with a special scanning system that allows us to obtain a very detailed x-ray image. The x-ray image of a tooth root is performed before the beginning of the treatment and, if it is necessary, during the treatment, as well as always after the treatment is completed, in order to assess its effectiveness.

We invite patients from Poznan and its surroundings to contact us and make an appointment. DuoDenti guarantees an effective and professional treatment performed by a highly qualified stomatologist who exactly knows what the needs and doubts of patients are. Root canal treatment is considered to be unpleasant and inconvenient, however specialists from DuoDenti pay special attention to reduce concern of their patients. A friendly staff make the whole procedure more pleasant, as well as provide some advice concerning further treatment.